Monday, September 28, 2009

green thumb?

SOOOO i went to target and you know those lil stand as soon as you walk in?

::PAUSEEEEEE:: I JUST REALIZED like wow, target gets us by putting useless crap in the front so we stop as soon as we walk in and say "omg all this for one dollar, hell yea ill get it." BASTARDS!

So like you know those little stands when you first walk in target? well they had the cutest little plant pots. As many of us know anything tiny looks adorable and you just have to have it. Even if it is as random as a flower pot. haha WELL i bought a lil flower pot. MIND YOU i didn't go in target for anything in particular. Oh well whatev. It is going to be Peppers. :/ i threw the paper away so thats as good as a description i have for ya lol. But yea im trying out my green thumb. Its so random.

MinaLo; ...caught green handed.

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