Thursday, February 5, 2009

150 things about me.


1] I really want to do this because its funny.
2] my favorite color is something I discovered by painting, ill probably never mix that shade of red ever again but it is my favorite.
3] I don’t think I look like any of my sisters, but I swear im am an exact replica of my father with hair
4] ^^^im not to proud of that^^^
5] My favorite song ever created is by The Dave Mathews Band - Everyday.
6] I know A LOT of guys people wouldn’t expect me to. Im not a whore tho.
7] When I was a freshman in high school I thought by senior yr I would be discovered and drafted to play with mia hamm.
8] ^She^ retired that same year, my dream went DOWN THE DRAIN.
9] I can draw my ass off, according to Laura.
10] I don’t think im that amazing. Hahaa
11] I dropped my phone the same day I got it.
12] My ipod stereo once got us in trouble and the cops came, while everyone in the house was drunk…and underage.
13] I curse too much and its unbecoming, and I only SLIGHTLY care.
14] I h@+3 when P30pl3 +yp3 LYke Di$
15] For the last time I DO NOT ATTEND VCU.
16] I knew about M.I.A. the singer/rapper since 11th grade.
17] I had her first CD and anyone who rode in my car hated her music.
18] I drink Jones soda when I have money. LIVING LIKE THE JONES’ lol
19] I have a t-shirt line.
20] I can write punch lines//like a lot of scared middle school dancers at the school prom punch line.
21] ^^^ I wrote that just now ^^^ hahaa its probably wack to you but I thought it was HILARIOUS
22] I use to play basketball all my life until high school.
23] people in high school SWOREEEEE I played more than 1 sport when I won the most athletic superlative.
24] I wear a ring on my ring finger and it looks nothing like an engagement ring but someone has asked.
25] Anyone who knows my mom knows that she can find a $900 item for $450, and its always the real thing.
26] I have toooooooo many sneakers.
27] one day ill bust out and wear heals often, just not anytime these days.
26] I have had 9 AIM screen names since 8th grade. Current is “mina lo so flyyy”
27] I recently chipped my front tooth, and it makes my teeth even prettier haha
28] I love to straighten my hair on my own.
29] …but im not very girly when it comes to presenting myself.
30] I have three AMAZING close friends.
31] I have a Nikon D60 camera that only broke my pockets for 1 month.
32] I got bank! not for real but I have never been FLAT broke.
33] For the most part I think I have my priorities lined up.
34] I know more Spanish than I think I know.
35] I like when people can’t guess why I’m not African American.
36] I download music, sew me.
37] I usually only chew sugar free gum.
38] My acne medicine is really starting to kick in.
39] I have skateboarded since the 6th grade.
40] My skills on the skateboard are as if I started 2 yrs ago not 8.
42] I have a natural liking for expensive stuff, like when I walk in department stores and I see something I pick it up look at the tag and DAMN!
43] I get it from my mother lol
44] Not my ass but my silver spoon mouth.
45] The ass is from my dad haha.
46] But I don’t show it off like most people.
47] Newport News, VA is my absolute favorite place to be in the entire world.
48] I even liked it when I lived there.
49] I made the dean’s list 2 semesters out of 3, by a hair.
50] I always find things that no one would on youtube.
51] I can find a song to relate to EVERYONES love life and every other situation in life.
52] I don’t want a love like the notebook. It was cute though.
53] I like Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim.
54] I play guitar.
55] I’m better at guitar than I think I am, there is always room for improvement.
56] I have confidence issues lol but the mindset of an outgoing person.
57] When I am going to see people I have not seen in a while and I know we are going to have a really good time, I get nervous.
58] I know what the people in reggae songs are saying.
59] All of my friends can’t understand my mom until she repeats herself.
60] I sometimes wish I never spent my young summers in Brooklyn.
61] I’m in a mess now because of it.
62] My oldest sister is the most accepting person I know.
63] I have heard that I am unapproachable.
64] I still play soccer now.
65] TLC – what about your friends is my anthem to everyone around me.
66] A lot of people dream of being big, I KNOW I will be big.
67] People think I’m crazy when I tell them I work for the federal government.
68] I actually wear more urban outfitters, boutique shop and Hollister than American eagle. Yet people think I own that store.
69] I have A LOT to say I just don’t think people would like if I said it.
70] I write Blogs!
71] I am Mina Lo and im a PC.
72] I want a mac.
73] I wish I knew my mom when she was 17, I would befriend her!
74] I hold sooooo many secrets for people and they never leave my mouth.
75] I like being sincerely confided in because then I know I also have that person to confide in.
76] I broke my fake ray ban glasses, all 4 of em.
78] I always never finish the drawings in my sketchbook.
79] My best friend Pruthvi bought me an Atlantis shot glass on her vacation, idk what she was insinuating.
80] I look extremely cute with fitted hats on.
81] my dog annoys the heck outta me I just wanna punch him, but he is so freakin huge.
83] Craig David – officially yours, is a reallllyy cute song about a guy who messed up and every ex BF worldwide should hear it…if they messed up. currently the song that came on when you clicked my bog
84] I think Amanda Bines is REALLYYYY funny.
85] I feel like I’m the only one who remembers Jurnee Smollett from Full House.
86] She is one of my fav’s I wish she had more acting roles.
87] I don’t use acetone I let my nail color deteriorate with time.
88] I don’t take off my St. Michael pendant unless I’m playing soccer.
89] When I went to duke soccer camp in 2006 I met some people I hope I never forget.
90] My dream is to attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.
91] If people around me are not active I get even more hyper.
92] My first summer without leaving the country was 2007.
93] My phone is hurting.
94] I love ordering something online and then forgetting about it, it feels like a present when I get it in the mail and my day feels even better.
95] Boston red Sox is my favorite team because Javier Lopez is a cutie, I wouldn’t even have to change my last name lol sike it’s because my early life was lived in Lawrence, Mass.
96] Sometimes I think Chris brown sounds like he is just screaming in his songs.
97] I once almost had every number retro Jordan but then I stopped rocking them hard.
98] I do work for my own money and I’m proud, but my mom Spoils me.
99] Lettuce wraps from P.F. Changs are my favorite thing to get when I go.
100] people think I’m crazy! ...i think im CRAZIER than they do.
101] I believe when I’m old and die my face will have a permanent wrinkled smile.
102] heck, I smile so much my jaw is probably shaped different than others. joking.
103] I wish we had home videos of me as a baby because the pictures are so cute when I was laughing and playing outside.
104] I have always liked Mel B better than Posh.
105] Don’t get me wrong VB is still a boss b***h, in my opinion.
106] I think Ne-Yo is so GAY but I love his music.
107] I believe when you say you hate someone; you love them 2% more because you gotta actually think about why you hate them. If you just don’t care for them then you wouldn’t give it thought….they don’t exist basically. But that’s my opinion.
108] with him, it’s a love hate thing haha
109] I don’t think you should stress your brain wondering who my “him” is.
110] My three first cousins are really like my brothers and sister.
111] I havn’t seen the first two seasons of grey’s anatomy….and I don’t plan on it.
112] I had a crush on Jesse Williams since 2006 when I saw him on that show beyond the break.
113] I laugh at almost every single Asher Roth punchline.
114] I don’t like when girls have almost xrated pictures online.
115] I believe that Tupac is the only gangsta guy who can have a nose ring and it not be a problem.
116] Speaking of Tupac I think he is in Jamaica and has dreds with a laser removed thug life tattoo scar.
117] I still own a myspace.
118] A lot of people will miss out on getting to know me for real.
119] if I had to save only 1 of my three best friends from hanging off a cliff I would hang myself too.
120] Well that is unless I could grab Kaylannie (because her strength is pretty good) and then the both of us quickly grab Pruthvi and Laura.
121] I dunno why I said that because none of them hang out together lol so that is an unlikely situation.
122] I wish I knew how to cook really well.
123] Every year I say I will tone up for summer and then I never show off my body at the beach lol
124] I gave away my ugg boots lol VA never got cold enough for me to wear them :\
125] I think that anorexic people are mentally the strongest people ever because I don’t have that much will power.
126] On FB chatt I always start a convo with the wrong “so and so” because it shows first names and I be thinking I know people haha but I pick the wrong person…I don’t think they notice.
127] I can dance but I joke around too much.
128] I wear prescription glasses at night because when I’m driving the lights look like a whole big mess of brightness.
129] Tila Tequila gets on my nerves but her music is hilarious.
130] I want to go to London someday to look at the architecture.
131] I do a realllllllyy good Spanish accent when im drunk, one time my friends made me speak like that the entire night and like an ass, I did it.
132] I’m exited that I only have a few more to go on this thing.
133] I wish I could think as deep as L-Boogie…both the singer and my friend.
134] I wish I was as funny as Kaylannie.
135] …and I wish I had Pruthvi’s intelligence but with my ADD it may just turn into stupidity.
136] I hate when people create a JR for their kids, to me it just means they couldn’t think of a better name.
137] I say F traditions and break some rules once in your life.
138] I want my first child to be a boy and I want to name him Felix.
139] My perfect guy would play guitar and do photography lol and if his name was Dylan things would be flawless.
140] I LOVE EVERYYY outfit Ugly Betty wears.
142] after a while I noticed my friends too say “hmmmmm” on aim when talking to me, I feel like I started that first.
143] I always think I am going to start my vegetarian life and then my mom cooks curry chicken.
144] I wish I had a better webcam or editing software so I could start a youtube life.
145] I want a better car.
146] My electric guitar amp broke two months after I got it lol OOPSSSSSS.
147] I have three more things to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
148] Rascal Flatts – what hurts the most is my jam when I’m sad about “him”.
149] I like talking more than texting.
150] and last but not least: One day I will create a masterpiece and sell it for “nine hunnit thow”

the pic? well, thats a 5 boro skateboard that belongs to Mina Lo

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