Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what do i say?

Today I almost forgot to blog :/ but im here haha no worries! umn my day was amazing it started with hail...both my dog and I were confused as we went outside around 8:20. My dog has never seen hail, so it was great watching him constantly shake it(the hail) off his back and then he kept licking the icy ground hahaha good stuff. I was only confused because I didn't think the area was that cold for hail.hmmm but it is.

Umnnn today I went to work and that was it, because my class got cancelled! HECK YEA! I was so tired and when my school put the "inclimate" weather warning up I just knew I could go home and fall asleep. THAT did not happen :/ but at least I am relaxed. hmmm I hope we have inclimate weather tomorrow too. Does that make me sound like the ultimate 'laze'? mmm wutev.

Sooo right now im watching bad girls club hahaha, love that show. American Idol really sucked tonight. I don't think I will enjoy this season, although all I watch are all the auditions and then the final 3 or 4 episodes. It doesn't look too good. lol I love how I can just cut out the middle :)

Umn okay im kinda rambling to get a blog so ill just go now. oh! the picture = Prepy Mina Lo. if you click it that not a boogie my nose ring was twisted :\

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