Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today is what i said yesterday

today was suppose to be tomorrow so i will have to catch up once again :/ tough times at school and work Geez gotta fill you guys in but hopefully tomorrow forreal well i cant fll false promisses so maybe the next day? who knows, not me well keep your heads up until i get back...

ANDdddddddd we're back! So today at noon we officially recieved a new president...In the words of Paris Hilton THATS HOT. Bush seemed kinda sad that he had to take off in the helicoptor. hahaha that was actually my favorite part of the entire thing. Anyways Was it only me or on CNN did they show a clip of Bush and his family's posessions on the side of the whitehouse. Like briefly there was an arial view of the moving truck and Boxes leaving HAHAHAHAAA damn straight kicked his az* out huh? Good Stuff.

Well i actually had class all night so i couldnt really watch all the super cool Balls that the president and first lady attended. I hear that the neighborhood ball was the best. That would be the one with all the celebrities who perform.Ph ust to briefly interrupt, when i was at school i had some great conversation with a cute guy. Actually the same cute guy from a previous post. [thats the pic.kinda stalkerish] i thought it was cute we wear the same shoes Umn when i got home i chilled out and watched some Bad Girls Club. Whoaaaa that show is funny. I cant wait until next week. Yea okay i think this enough of a blog.lazy

the ultimate blogging procrastinator,

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