Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Longest first day.

Okay so i have decided to finally post on this site forreal. Maybe a little bit of an intro to me? Well i will start by saying i love art. Okay that sounds too proper and lame. That intro i just wrote umn yea well, i spent the last two hours trying to figure out a Flickr account. I want to record my entire yr in photos. For my first day, which is today, i figured out some cool stuff on my camera. Changing the exposure really creates something cool....the pic above, yea its NOT photoshopp'd.

...this is my first entry to my 365 day photo display. Oh by the way when i said i would give an intro to me, i think i lied. Its a bit too much for me. This year you will see who i am on your own. I am MinaLo.

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