Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wishing for tomorrow

Today is an okay day if you think 27 degree weather in the south.... v i r g i n i a, is normal. Or if you think being at work all day with nothing fun to do is a "good time". Well if you havnt caught on, today was rather boring, well other than that time i went to the "bodega" to get some NOW and LATERS. Well i didnt go for exactly that but there were there. I wanted them then, ate two and i have 2 full 10 packs for later. It kinda explains the name, perhaps because its one of those candies you only want one or two of and then put it away to never take it out for the rest of the day, sooo im thinking that's the LATER part. Okay that's enough, lets see, i kinda just really wish it were weekend. so my blog is called wishing for tomorrow because my can calendar (the picture included) is on tomorow. I think i somehow convinced myself if i put the date on tomorrow then it will feel less lame and closer to the weekend. i was wrong :/ and so when all else fails take a picture hmmm maybe thats just my motto/cliche? yea probably. So the thing about this blogging is i'd like to do it for an entire year, everyday. Although i go on ALOT of vacations and lets say i leave the country and there is no screwed. I shouldn't be too worried about that now but it crossed my mind, call me crazy. But i know im just MinaLo.


Trey said...

You could always publish the blogs early if you go away. Or you could write them up while you're away and then post them when you get back.

That's a pretty awesome can calendar.

MinaLo said...

very true so would i just change the date?i think i would totally go to extreme and buy minutes at a internet cafe just to do this. lol