Thursday, June 4, 2009

reading - a book by jasmina lopez

*This book is my opinion. There are areas where i have assumed certain circumstances. If you are easily offended then do not read this material. I am also not trying to make a fool of people who cannot read, i am rather, observing the obstacles in life that i can barely get around yet those who are illiterate still happen to cross them. The street smarts that those individuals have is a remarkable talent to me and something i desire to obtain. Thank You*


Dogs, panda's, sharks, elephants, snakes and ligars do not read. (who the hell even knows if they have the ability?) Though, we can...or we at least have the ability*. I never understood why some will go their entire live's being illiterate. Is it that when they1 were young and learning, someone made fun of their speech? I often like to think that the older people on earth who are still illiterate, were forced into that circumstance. Dont get me wrong, no one is to blame for another persons acquitted attitude in life BUT somewhere along the lines when that kindergardener was made fun of, they stopped trying. Or did they just never care? So now this "child" who was so vicariously2 picked on is right now, currently today, a repulsive soul who in turn, will let others live for them. To me, let me say this again, to ME; these are the strongest minds in the world. Any mother fcuker who can get through an entire lifetime without reading, can probably trick your ass into any situation without you even knowing. THEY ARE THE MASTERS of jedi mind tricks3. My assumption is that the only way they made it this far in life anyways is: someone else doing everything for them; reading, paying bills as well as but not limited to, driving them every gahhh damn place. Some people are illiterate and have a license4. Lets say, i have that ability to smoothly leach on others and I can read as well. I would be a fuckin' super human. WHAT A concept; illiteracy is an art. The art of pure chicanery.
* - exluding those who are blind, or those who are mentally incapable of phonological/Phonemic awareness.
1 - categorizing
2 - reading poorly = made fun of in this situation.
3 - I am in no way a star wars fan. However, I do believe jedi mind tricks are real. With all of my might I will convince you that it is not the same as reverse psycology. -more on this idea in later chapters-
4 - I still havnt worked out the kinks in this concept but i do believe it has something to do with people at the DMV being retards

*aftermath disclaimer* -i bet that doesn't make sense-
...for the past two weeks i have been on a fulltime work schedule waking up at 4 am, driving to work to be there by 6am and then leaving the job at 4:30pm. So that is 1,2,3...8 sporadic days of a ten hour work schedule. As I jumped up to the sound of a loud alarm radio, read my missed text messages, scrubbed my eyes of "sleep" and used the bathroom; i had the bright idea that before todays -thursday morning- work day, i would take a 5 hour energy shot. MIND YOU, i already have a boarderline A.D.D. energy level. -not yet properly diagnosed- ALL I AM SAYING is... i am not completely sure if i am either over examining situations or seeing shit that is always around except no one catches onto it-a vast amount of random epiphanies-...but THIS IS SOME OTHER SxxT!...right now currently, i can read and write at the speed of lightning...this is worse than being drunk.

"Our ideas are our weapons"

-minalo;has a fully loaded clip


Umi-San said...

OMG MINA SERIOUSLY... where have you been yo... like i was always checking your blog and was like damn i know i told her last week not to look for me but shit, its been a whole week... and then i was telling zain yesterday that i think you started working full time or something because you where MIA, i havent read your blog yet but i will try today but i am super busy i WILL get around to it tomorrow though :0) glad your back, now i have a reason to keep writing my blogs, atleast i know someone is back to keep reading :) thanks mina-Lo!!

MinaLo said...

bahahahahaha anytime girl. yes im fulltime now :/

Umi-San said...

illiteracy is an art, i agree!! There are prolly lots of people who make mega bucks, and dont know how to read or write. But i mean if you really think about it, society (in the US anyways) has made it so that you dont really have to be literate to hussle some doe. I mean usually when your driving you see pictures to show you what is happening on the road before you. You dont have to read anything on televisions, conveniently now even books are sold on CD's. You have programs you can install on you computer to read you websites... i guess problems would arise when you didn't understand the language that you where trying to understand... and even then i wouldn't feel bad for those people because they would use the fact they dont know the language they have been accustoming to their whole life, or mostly as an excuse for every damn mistake they make. I mean seriously look at all the foreign kids that be coming to the states to study, cheating and mooching off the smart literate kids, and then blaming it on their "illiteracy" - Jet EYE mind tricks... YES
Seriously though just to save the art of language the beauty of literacy and the rhymes of poetry - these bitches need to get on some HOOKED on FONICS... W-H-A...

That's Me! said...

That's a seriously strong concept Mina. Is it an art?? It may be. Great concept indeed either way.