Saturday, June 20, 2009

I hope we weigh less than 50LBS

Check out these awesome pics in the Newark airport. Our fam is so pretty haha we were wilding once we got past TSA. Its only Saturday and vaca is lookin up ;) on the plane Juan and Inga had to sit elsewhere but its all good the flight attendant, Mary, knew my aunt Celia (also an attendant). We were welllll taken care of. So now we landed and our drivers name was Samuel, HE WAS COOL. My sister Trisha was picked to sit upfront, she is crazy...We headed to the supermarket for the first day so that our apartment has food. These prices are sooo extreme its ridic. Such a great day, we even went to the beach and took silhouette photos...well just me and Inga. Oh look a pic of all 4 of us! Damn such an eventful vaca already!MinaLo; first day in antigua, 2nd day of vaca

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