Monday, April 20, 2009

who gotta parcel!?!

!!!!!!!!! ...thats who!
BAHAHAHA, i wanted these forever :)

*bumpin* Serani - No Games

i love his style of singing;; so cute to me.

ANYWAYS yess thats my blog MINALO been playin this song all weekend and today.


PS: do you like my kicks?


Umi-San said...

GAAAA! chicka your like balling!!! wtf? we where just talking about you getting these and you already got them, thats so insane, nice they are pretty fresh though!

MinaLo said...

no not balling lol, i just saved ALL money from Bday and i got paid and im debt free since i paid all my credit cards off. So i had a little leisure money to blow...PLUS every spring around this time i usually stock up my closet for the spring summer and fall then in winter i bust out those same jackets and snow boots and winter sweaters lol the only time i get new stuff like a large quantity is spring haha. So im sure it looks like im just blowin dough.

That's Me! said...

Oh those are hot Mina! Your picture in the background match your shoes except for the bit of turquoise. I like that song a lot, thanks for sharing I'll have to nab it.

MinaLo said...

LMAO yea, thats what I told Laura HAHAH...that it looks like the painting.