Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The best part about buying something online is forgetting that its coming in the mail.... haha i got another parcel. This one is to myself but i bought it like two weeks ago i wonder why there was a hold up?

*bumpin* Keri Hilson - Make Love

The thing is i bought stuff that i can wear in the fall, idk my problem i need to focus on summer but idk i love that awkward august clothing...someday's are breezy and someday's hot. :)
If i dont say so myself im pretty cute with a fitted on lol
ALSOOOO when you buy KidRobot stuff you get a free lil action figure. This time i got it from the Evil Skaters collection
I was lucky to get one of two mystery action figures. His name is Brad but i am MinaLo


Umi-San said...

OMG :) first of all i wanna say your AE shirt looks flawless on you haha! and second love the stuff you got :) and brad is hot, but only half as hot as you!! :) MINA-lo!

MinaLo said...

my mom hates that shirt lol
i walked i her room and she said "you look like a boy"
then i walked away lolllll and yea Brad isnt on my level....when you makin your munny?