Tuesday, April 7, 2009

perhaps if the left were not so dominant,

...people could survive.

"you touch me baby, then you un-touch me baby
you feed me your lies, words "like" mine
You want me baby, then you un-want me baby
Out smart me baby, now im all crazy

But i should be ashamed because i let you do me this way and its unfortunate that when your in love you never use the right side of your brain.

[...]you say im your friend, up until the end
and then you tell it baby, yea you know how to sell it baby...dont ya?

But i should be ashamed because i let you treat me this way cant lie im unfortunate to say that love never lets me use the right side of my brain."

I'd like to think that as of right now we are stretching 5.
*bumpin* the dream - right side of my brain (my fav track on the entire CD :) He is so creative. I think that in life i would not do too bad with being in love because the left side of my brain; the side with all the emotion and logic is never pumping faster lol I was born better off, unlike the majority where instead my right brain is stronger because i am more creative and artistic...seeing the picture before its complete; even putting the picture together so that it can function. When you think about it, the song has nothing to do with me but i LOVE IT, its more for those with a strong left brain, who try and fix the problem immediately when it doesn't need to be. Although i do act on impulse, i am a righty to begin with. Not to contradict my statement but perhaps when i am head over heals in love this may change, and i wont ever use the right side. DAMN my art would fail if my love failed lol hmmm well whadda yuh know! today i am an analytical minalo:D
...btw that picture i took today is fucking boss.


Umi-San said...

yooooo!!! thats a nice picture!!! :) i love your little stick man guy, did you get him from barns and nobles? i always wanted one, deff help with figure drawing lol Loving it, Uh-oh Mina got her groove back!!

MinaLo said...

LMFAO yea im definitely feeling the creative juice come back. Umn no my friend Laura bought him for me from...IKEA

Umi-San said...

love this post!!! GOOOOO right side!! seriously that's how i feel too, i most of the time feel like people don't think to much, the just act out on impulse, that's why i never get why people are still upset, because i probably already thought about the whole picture, from their point of view too, and gotten over the obstacles, probably why i have never gotten into small hissy fits with my boyfriends, and never left relationships on a bad note, i like this blog, kudos, really got me thinking!!
Although, love really has impacted me to be creative and emotional, i still remained super chill, im sure you will be the same way mina, passive but never stepped on. Stay the way you are!!

MinaLo said...

yea i agree, and you and zain are pretty awesome he must be a right brain too lol very passive