Thursday, April 9, 2009

Surviving on Life

*Bumpin* Rye Rye - BANG ft. M.I.A.
Some people wake up in the morning and drink coffee with the paper, others may be slugged out of bed to take the dog out and then jump righ back into bed. I also know that some people REFUSE to wake up until the sun beams so bright on their dirty lil foreheads before they get uncomfortably hot and know its time to wake up. ME on the other hand HOPs UP OUT THE BEDDDDDD TURN MY SWAGGG ONNNNNNNNNN I TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR, n SAY WASSUP!!!!!!! haha sike! Although soulja boy finally made amazing theme music to wake up to, i dont do that. I only wish i breathed that kind of perfection. LMAO but forreal i wake up, walk to the bathroom...pee and then brush my teeth. Then i grab a towel and hop in the shower, following my shower i walk to my computer, turn music on and get ready. This is pretty okay right? but where it gets weird is when im finally done with the morning routine, i do NOT read the paper; instead, i read "BLAHHHGS." This is completely recent, yet i dont remember what i did in the morning before i had a blog. To be honest i had a blog and then alot of friends found their way to the blogs. So what was i reading before that? Like Yea, so i have come to the realization that even though i post late sometimes...blogs let me know that my friends are alive. I survive off of their life's. Not in a gossipy way but when i read it, it sincerely makes me smile. EVEN when they are the most depressing things ever. Is it weird that someone would write their most personal things on a blog? OR WAIT! i love when someone writes a blog venting. Honestly WHO!?! are you talking to? me? ...well im assuming so, and that fat guy in West Virginia who is masturbating to your pictures; BUT thats beside the point, I still cant figure out why i want to read blogs to start my day, i feel so connected. I could just text or call right? since ALL but three of my followers have my number, or wait! maybe more have it and i dunno. BLUE SCREEN!
This is crazy, but i was thinking and i wish blogger could have all the blogs you follow sent to your home in the form of a paper and if there are no updates then you just dont have a blog to read that morning. That would be so HAWT. hmmm i think ima get a pattend. LMAO remember those commercials well all i know is that the perv in westVA better not steal this idea. ha. yea hmm idk lately i've really been trying to be me. Rethinking my routines and breaking the tomorrow I refuse to be nothing more than a better MinaLo and by tomorrow's tomorrow; something even more great. :) i see three, btw peep my header pic :)

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Umi-San said...

Lately its been so hard for me to get out of bed, its not that i dont have drive, i think i am just always SLEEPY, im so ready for summer that way i can finally catch up on some sleep hell yeah!! SUmmER ClaSseS fuck yeah!