Thursday, April 2, 2009

we got a vintage delivery for minalo

Had a pretty regular long busy day at work and then i got home to the mail box. I forgot that I ordered a vintage jordan sweater from FruitionLV; this awesome vintage online gently used thrift store and it came today :D

"Now who’s right there every time you cry?\\Gonna sleep and wake up on your side?\\Endless love I'll always provide\\They hatin on us and you should know why\\But who’s be lovin you lately?" the dream

*bumpin* The Dream ft. Mariah Carey - My Love

ayo forreal Dream is a real radio killa please go get that CD...recommended by MinaLo.


That's Me! said...

That is super awesome. I am loving the pictures showing your amazing expressions through the journey of opening the parcel LOL.

MinaLo said...

hahahaha i love that word now
you are crazy lmao thanks yea
i love the sweater cant wait for fall....