Tuesday, April 14, 2009

this is kinda late,

I talked to ava really late in the night and we were chilling but i think it was last night, hell, it could be two days ago? im realllllly not sure. Im kinda disoriented at the moment. That Keri Hilson song - Knock you down yea im kinda weirded out. I am actually proud of Kanye though for putting his hype aside and writing a verse that wasn't about his money, clothes or shoes. Good Job :)

Oh and I made it my point to confront a nugguh. I dont think it worked but i feel great about it, i really do. At least he know whats up. Also i have been on facebook lately...wait im always on there...and I find the craziest things like: When we had Ami's Birthday her cake totally said "Thats what she said" I was like dude they make fuggin SHIRTSSSSSS we shoulda got a pattend. Then i go to a different page and the AD on the sidebar was a bit disturbing it shows nothing but heads:

... so look i am really proud to announce my 15 followers. That is exciting. I came into this blog thinking i may get my friends like people i already know but nahhh i got some new blood and im happy someone is reading. Even if noone read it i still feel a great release from talking to you Blue screen man in west Virginia with a lotion bottle. hahaha ew could you imagine...smh. Anyways so Thanks for reading and ill take some amazing pictures tomorrow that is my promise.

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Umi-San said...

Uh-oh whos the lucky dude? And that obama thing is really disturbing... And congrats on your 15 followers, i hope i have that many soon :D