Friday, April 17, 2009

Midnight run

So just like yesterday, today, I completely was just chillin on my bed and texting and i fell asleep. I was talking to like 4 people. When i woke up i had so many text and i said, okay what time is it? Do you know it was 12:03 am!!!!!! Ugh once again i missed my whole day. Well i woke up and my sister and i were hungry so we went to taco bell. So we took pictures. We were in line for like 20 minutes because it seems as though two people were working the shop. One at the register and one on food line. It was a mess. I came home and im awake its about 2:17am ON SATURDAY! I cannot sleep.

Somehow my bed has a spell though i believe its dangerous for me to lay on when its mid day. I think I am going to get something to do on late afternoons; it will keep me busy. I think it was just a long two days at work and im simply pooped. It still sucks tho that i didnt do anything but sleep. I feel like I've wasted my life. Do you think i've wasted mylife? UGH!
I completely missed my Friday afternoon. smh, MinaLo.

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That's Me! said...

I don't think you ever waste your life away, you're always doing something whenever I talk to you. Your blog totally backs me up on that one!