Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ayo wtf was i thinking?

So after two days ago the "he has it all planned out" day i went to Firestone to drop my car off and realize how am i getting home i need to go to work lol. I call my mom and she is like my car is parked at wal-mart. (she rides a commuter van to DC and parks in the wal-mart parking lot..if you ever wondered what those vans were for haha) Yea so firestone is like 4 miles from wal-mart and like a good child....I WALKED IT. WELLLL i had to get to work some way or another so here is my journey.
i thought it look like carnal knowledge (aka gettin it from the ass)....but yea hmm? wrong sign to put at a police station.smhWhere is the pic of the pug? how the hell will i know its mine...or what it looks like to find it? jeeze, idiot.....awe, they livin the tryfe life.WRONG STATE, chillllllll.she da bomb.Umn i've never seen an "Apple" dog, damn where you get that breed?its muh fuxxin rare, probably expensive. i should steal one when they arn't looking.looks so very retro, i liked it. :)
...MinaLo! i found alot of shit

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