Monday, April 27, 2009

WAIT A DOGGON minute....I really got a parcel?

OMGOSH so today was lame as usual went to run errands and work. My errands were to pick up some Polaroid cameras that i will use for my t-shirts. Okay i know its dangerous but i went on Craigslist. It was a steal. The best thing is i only spent 19 dollars for two Polaroids. AWESOMENESSSS haha but thats not what my blog is about.

I got home today only to see an urban outfitters package on my door front. Weird? YES! I thought to myself "im suppose to get a kidrobot package, NOT urbanO." So i brought it to my room and as i always do, i set up my camera to get real live reactions of my parcel openings...So i have it on timer. Still thinking 'why the hell do i have this package? My immediate response is to open it then return it in case i purchased something on my account by accident. So with hesitation in mind, i open it anyways.disclaimer: *LOOK AT THE FIRST PICTURE OF THE BLOG*

SO WTF Pruthvi completely surprised me!!!!!!!!! OMGGGG how did you know that i wanted this? im thinking Umi told on me lol This is so great. I even got a J that ill put on my door front haha from recycled aluminum...its so artsy and Eco friendly, i love it. My birthday was like 15 days ago and im still getting stuff! I have the most AMAZINGGGGG friends. What did i do to be so blessed? Im so glad you guys know me so well. Umn in case you dont know, thats a fisheye camera. Basically it takes those round funny pictures :D Pruthvi I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH, i cannot wait till your home ;; gunna be a blasttttttttt. Best summer of your life i promise.

So basically today i got three new cameras
...well at least new to me

...MinaLo; a photographers journey...all summer long.

ps: why is it that im always wearing that godspeed shirt when i get mail? im thinking good luck charm, YES!


Lisa said...

I love the photo-documentary. HILARIOUS and well dramatized. Congrats on your new cameras. Have fun with them.

Lisa Brown

Umi-San said...

guilty as charged :)
You love it though right!?
i know you do i can tell mahahaha, and you didnt even know you where getting it early!! :D

MinaLo said...

yea you completely got me.
thats so good.
i was NOT expecting this at all ahhaa funny Umi, real funny.

That's Me! said...

Ohhh, that is the coolest present, what a funky looking camera. Congratulations Mina, you're so loved!