Tuesday, July 28, 2009

here goes everything...

i am stopping my 365. I know it sucks right i use to take pictures everyday and i was dedicated to blogging and posting pics everyday BUT right now isnt the best time to do that. I am not giving up i usually try to do something i dont give up but im defeated by things in my life as well as the internet. Its hard to stay updated BUT i think that maybe just maybe if i go through the pics that i have taken i can try to catch up because i do still write blogs but i dont post them until the picture is up. We will see. Let me know if you think i should have a blog where i only talk when i feel like it AKA everyone else's ORRR you like seeing something new EVERYDAY lol

MinaLo; should i be the dependable one?

1 comment:

Umi-San said...

everyday nicca! lol just kidding, but no everyday... i kinda been lazy lately too this whole blog thing is way beyond me, and actually i wanna start ALL over again!! :) I think i will maybe not ALL over but deff deleting a lot