Thursday, May 21, 2009

Painting Piece

*Bumpin* Mya ft. Jay-z - Best of Me (remix)

I am going to finally finish a painting lol well its for my portfolio and im in a rush time trying to put my best work out. I usually do well under pressure when it comes to art. So yea i will do a painting with my three sisters but i will have us roughly the same age like 6 and 8. When really we are never that close in ages. So YEP its gunna be pretty sick all of us at the same age on the canvas. I like to think of it as the peak of childhood where you know right from wrong but you still have so much to learn. .... YAH hmmm it sounded better in my head. Maybe ill post when im done :D yea, is that cool? ight so we good then.

...MinaLo; like Picasso

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