Sunday, May 10, 2009

my momma momma momma

*Bumpin* Kanye West - Hey Mama

I've already poured my guts into MY BIRTHDAY THANK YOU(click for reference) blog so i don't think ill do alla dat. lol BUT i gotta say my mom has the best daughters in the world. *biased opinion* This mothers day she wanted one of three super expensive perfumes. BUT; being the daughters that we are we, instead of being cheap like every year teaming up to buy something expensive, we all bit the bullet....AND WE GOT HER ALL THREE PERFUMES! She was so shocked :D and because we only have one mother we got her the pretty limited ed. bottles that are also refillable ;) We love her so if perfumes matter to her then it matters to us;; to make her happy. I think we accomplished that today.
She now has:
1)Viktor & Rolf's Flower Bomb (smells the best according to me)
2)Coco Chanel's Eau De Toilette
3)Jean Paul Gaultier's Eau De ParfumBootleg mothers day card LMAO wutever! at least with this i can write alot more haha more space? yea dont call me ghetto she broke my pockets btw i meant for it to look "kiddish" lol Oh and my older sis did her hair for her. I think it looks good. It's a new color...we pampered her i must say, DAMN.ALSO my older cousin, which is like her baby brother, came from Trinidad! My sister is graduating this saturday so he had to come through ;D umn yahbtw HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL OTHER MOTHERS and soon to be's as well because i know a couple prego's!

...MinaLo;lovin' me some momma

p.s. we left BK; anxiety at ease

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