Sunday, May 31, 2009

while in newport news


THE DELGADO's! hahaa yea Ariana-Rey got SO BIG.

They put her on the floor and i swear its baby genius, if she see's trash or any lil thing she wont put it in her mouth she turns the other way. She also does this thing where she is dramatic when she cries like if you tell her "Ari, NO!!!" she puts her lil baby hand on her forehead and the other on the floor bracing herself and she cries. falling over throwing a lil baby tantrum then she stops crying and tries to do whatever she was doing again then you say "NO!!!" and she looks at you and does it again so you say "NO!!" and she does that dramatic cry thing again. ITS GREAT lol oh! and she is teaching herself to walk by holding onto chairs and walking. Sometimes she needs help, but not often...she is so cute.
Pregnant aunt Melanie with the first baby BOY cousin! yayyyyyyy Ari will have someone almost exactly 1 year younger to play with
I told Keilee she was so tall and she said "duh Jasmina, im 8 now"...the only reason i said it is because, whether she realizes it or not, she was born into a family of short puerto ricans. I was letting her know she has a good gene somewhere. She has a smart mouth.
AFTER the visit i went out with Kay again she got off work so we went to her dads house because tonight is her real BDAY...we go hard with our best friend Ray;;Bee-ANS


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