Monday, May 11, 2009

should i take that test?

*Bumpin* Estelle - No Substitute Love

Today i have the choice of taking a final exam in math to drop my lowest test grade or to take the grade i have now. Im not doing bad so i think ill go ahead and take it. Maybe it will bring me up...or horribly down? awe man awe man decisions decisions. Whatever. This is my new jam but its old:

"I know it would have been nice if i could have had your body
Knowing that everybody aint been with you
but you told me lies you made me give my heart away
but now i know the games you play, so I'm thru with you

Oh boy oh boy, I'm not your substitute lover oh no
Say boy oh boy I'm not your substitute lover oh no

You know there's gonna be a fight if these chicks keep calling you at night
I see that text your tryin to hide see I know the truth
Must be outta your mind you thought you'd never see the day
You thought I'd let a player play but imma upgrade you, listen boy

Oh boy oh boy, I'm not your substitute lover oh no"


L a u r a said...

...ugh story of my life

MinaLo said...

better than no story at all lol