Sunday, May 24, 2009

Risky Bizz - ContempoRetro™ by MinaLo

*Bumpin* Coffey Anderson - Can I

So today i painted for the majority of my day, i also commented everyone's blog for the most part. OH i spoke to Pruthvi a bit, she seems like she is almost done with exams. WOW our Sophomore year in college is already gone that's crazy. ANYWAYS then i listened to music while painting. I Uploaded my sister graduation pics to Facebook. AND NOW im on aim chatting and uploading this blog. Somewhere in the midst of this oh so repetitive day i took pictures of a shirt i made Last Year when i first started. There are only two people who own this shirt, Me of course and L.C. BUTTTTTT im thinking i should release it like redo it a lil more flashy and yea release it because throw some Ray Bans on your face and your kinda coordinated :) BTW SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have 20 now, yay!...MinaLo


Umi-San said...

OMG that's so weird we where totally on the same page today :)

MinaLo said...

tru tru