Tuesday, March 3, 2009

cook time with Mina and Oro

DUDEEEEE we don't have food, well...we have food, but you actually have to cook it...go figure.?. Well I learned how to cook :) Oh, to inform everyone i am off of my fast. On day 5 i felt so sick and my sister convinced me to at least eat something light so i drank orange juice and ate soup to get my body regulating again. Now i am eating, so i feel better and i am eating healthier. Yeaaaaaa, so what was i saying? umnnnn, OH right, i learned how to cook haha. I made veggie soup! my mom told me what to put in it and which pot to use and irrick irrick block puh scratcha scratcha puh ka irrick kyea kyea,KA BAM! beat boxing ladies and gentlemanzes i give you soup :) ^^^ SURPRISINGLY it taste reeealllllllly good. A bit spicy but it made the soup that much better.

MEANWHILE: my dog,badass Oro Solido, slept the whole time! lazy bum. It was okay tho because every time i came back he had his face turned differently. So it must of been hard sleep. THAT'S WHAT HE GETS!

Anyways i cant wait to learn to make more stuff. talk soon,

Mina Lo.

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Umi-San said...

YUM! spicy soup sounds soooo good on a cold day!! looks like you made enough for me!! What is that a blend of carrots and tomatoes!? olive oil!? What ever it is it looks so yummy i can smell it!! Oro is so cute, he looks pooped after running through all that snow!