Sunday, March 1, 2009

DC and newport news!

I went to DC and Newport News! well actually not NN but to Hampton but you know i couldn't just run errands and NOT visit Newport News :) I saw my BFF and her BFF and my BFF's boyfriend as well his bestfriend ANDDDD her (my bff's) old boss, JOY! yea well for some reason joy thought it be okay to delete the pictures i took of everyone so ill show you my GRANDPA! I never met him but his name is Felix and i think that is so HOT. haha I will name my first son Felix. Umn when i went to DC i got some picture of him from my moms aunt. Pretty awesome, i love natural black and white. Not the ones where people are dressed in "RocAwear" and turn it to black and white at a studio, AT LEAST try to look classy haha jeeze.

HE IS HOT STUFF lol haha yea, thats my Indian side. Although he looks like a complete Spaniard in these pictures, he is definitely Indian. AND that's not a widows peak, he has his hair curled in the front like Elvis. I think he was a COOL DUDE! haha

OH about my heading picture today, its a "lone" streetlight with the entire ground grass and tree around it covered in SNOW... again *sigh* WTF Virginia make it spring already snow is so overrated especially when its MARCH!

...mina lo.

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Umi-San said...

I LOVE your LONE light post :) its so awesome, i cant believe how clear it came out with such little light, its really an amazing shot. Seeing the pics of your grandpa, i can totally see where some of your Indian features come from, i love the shots in black in white, dated, takes you back. I find the clothing really interesting from back then too, and have you noticed how everything such as walls and buildings seem so much smaller back then than now, its really something i think!