Sunday, March 29, 2009

"just went to church and acting 'a fool' omg"

So this morning we went to church. It was very fun. Then we decided to go to Golden Corral, i hate that place. My mom and siter tried to convince me over and ove that not everything there is horrible but it is! AND people look dirty in there omg. And a prime example of this dirtiness would be...
YEAA i dunno how she didn't feel that. That was the most crack i have ever seen. My mom said "wow thats an entire ass, huh?" lol Like that's how you know she had NO underwear on, and if she did then its the wrong size. Ayo i dont understand how noone told her anything like the waitress DEFINITELY saw that crack. EVERYONE who walked by saw it like wtf. The worse part of this whole thing is my mom said "take a picture, take a picture" lolll she is funny.
We went home and ate some humongous strawberries. My sister dipped them in chocolate and made them really good. I think we will do that again tomorrow. As i ate strawberries and watched Bend it Like Beckham, i also painted.
Its for my friend Laura. It was done but i decided it was too plain so i am adding some stuff on top. Still isnt complete but its a good start, i think :) Oh and after a year of having the I am Legend DVD, i finally watched it. While i was painting haha yea. So today was pretty good and very productive for MinaLo.


Umi-San said...

LOL, LMAO, haha dude your mom is soo funny, and dude, thats the biggest crack i have ever seen too, DAMN!!

L a u r a said...

I am so honored. I will keep it forever. lol