Friday, March 13, 2009

Plies ft. Ashanti - want it, need it.

Okay so i don't like plies at all. Its not that i just don't like him, i think he is so/too graphic. Every time i hear him rap i say "EWWWWW he is so nasty";; even in edited versions. Then i think about it for real and like he is not all talk! He talks nasty, so that means he really must do this shit. LMAO just makes him that much more nasty. Anyways i reallly love the new song with Ashanti *want it, need it* because it has a good rhythm. "im your goon, your my gunnette" huh? weirdest term of endearment i have ever heard. Like personally, i wouldnt wanna be a gunnette...just sayin.

Umn i didn't do anything today...important. oh, jeeze i hope i passed my midterms :\ hmmmm i watched some movies the pic OMG and today is Friday the 13th, double you tee eff. I will talk to you later :)


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Umi-San said...

lol where do you find these songs!?
... this might sound really WEIRD... but..
i leave your page open 24/7 because i love your music, lol...
blog stalker=ME