Sunday, March 22, 2009

GAME DAY grrrr

i had a soccer game today, pretty crazy i was allll over that ball. I love playing. I forgot how much i didnt stretch or exercise this past week and i got out there running so wild. I dropped my friend Neha off and then got hom to take a shower. Do you know once the hot water ran in my scalp and back i felt tired. I think i may have even fallen asleep in the shower. Anyways when i got out i put on pajamas...
*mind you my game was at 3-4:45*
so its like 5:58 and i had pajamas on lol i towel dried my hair and crawled in bed. Ever-so sluggish, i jumped back up and took a picture of these two shot glasses. I hardly drink like i use to want to but i think i could start a collection. The Atlantis one is from Pruthvi when she went to a family Vaca last year. The Spring break one is obviously this year. My sister brought it back for my mom but we were all in my room when she handed us our souvenirs and it never left my desk. Its really cute because it has beverage lines. The smallest shot is "spring break at home" lol the next up is "spring break at campus" and the biggest shot line is "spring break in South Beach" haha pretty cute.

So then i went to bed and woke up around 9, energized as ever remembering that school starts tomorrow...and i forgot to study for a "refresher test" FML.


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Dee said...

I wanna go see you play one day =].