Sunday, March 8, 2009

hotter than yesterday, the title says. It was so hot that i stayed inside. I think it just shocked me! it was so weird. Like 81° and i am just not down with that yet. Im a little bummed because my soccer game was cancelled WTF it was perfect weather. The CVSA thought the ground would still be wet from the snow and they really try to prevent injuries because there are no trainers. Its basically our medical bills if anything goes outta wack. HMMM yea go me, right? these old heads need to crank it up and just play! If your good then your good, the only reason for getting hurt is a person who isnt that good like tripping you or totally not having sportsmanship. Its wutev. I think tomorrow i will paint something. I havnt really decided. Although today was extremely piping i will post some pictures... because, well you know! i take pictures :D like three. Umnnnn lets see, my spring break is near. Its the 16th. Im staying at home. Wellll im going to work my normal schedule, actually im just not go to classes but that is the minor parts of my day anyways. I was hoping other people had the same schedule so i could hang. That isnt the case :\ Oh jeeze, i need more friends lol. Well no, i dont need more, i have the right number. Everyone is just toooo split up. Its annoying. Im actually going to leave because i have DRAFTING homework. GRRRRR autocad, the story of my life.

...Mina Lo.

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L a u r a said...

that picture of your sissies is a good one.