Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mucho trabajo poquito dinero...

*bumpin* wyclef - hollywood meet bollywood.

So today i worked alot but i get paid well so the title f this blog shouldn't be confused as my life. That is just my favorite part of the song :) Okay so as i am leaving work i noticed that there is some real random shit. Like in the middle of nowhere next to a brick wall is a hydrant??? yea thats >>> that.

So then i walk some more and i see my soccer number "5" was like spray painted on a random wall. Whoa like idk the government is trippen, there were no other numbers around like not even on the other walls.

I was a bit confused only to get to the last picture...

WTF!!!!!!!! why is there a sign pointing to the fire equipment? Like the fire extinguisher is right at eye level and the sign is up almost in the roof lol NOONE is gunna see that shit. Its like, thanks for the sign loser...way up in the sky; high on the wall, yea, i see it! haha idk man my job is weird. There is probably some real top secret shit going on and i havnt found out yet.

well then, i have to go to class. ttys!

ps. i am at day 70 of my blogging...:)

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