Friday, March 6, 2009


WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME? i woke up a new woman hahaha sike but no really! I felt so great today. I have been doodling and sketching all day long. well all until I took a brief pause to eat my 3 days old soup at lunch time with light yoplait and an orange. Oh and LOTS of water. Dude i have lost 7 lbs :D talk about hell yes! Anyways today is the first day my sister had her spring break. I dropped her off at the airport yesterday morning. I think she is having fun because i spoke to her all of ONE time. ANYways, i pick my mom up tonight from DC. It shall be alot of fun. Mainly i think it will be filled with awesomeness because i get to see my mom!!!!

\m/ (^_-) \m/

I LOVE THAT WOMAN. umn yeaaa so i pick her up tonight because my sister borrowed her car this past week. When she gets home it should be fun -redundancy- but i cant chill with her very long. OH WE WENT TO LOBSTER FEST :)

I might party my friday night with Umi-San. (<- yah gaahead and click it, hit her up) It should be pretty boss even if it is just three people! LMAO who said that isnt a party? i mean you only need three people dressed in the same attire promoting negative energy to be lawfully considered a gang. So basically three is a good number.

Im a little bit hyper -like you didnt notice- because ContempoRetro™ is only like 6 months from the jump off. I think i will sell around VCU and just random campuses in the 7 cities. I can probably get my cousin to get some stuff done in New York. I cant wait. My dreams are real homie! "KYEAAAAA" lol i wish you could hear me say that. UMNN;;AHHHH BYE this day is too awesome.

btw i am writing this at work lol

...Mina Lo.

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