Thursday, March 26, 2009

Liche Dj.

Character concepts for CR™

Born Alicher Kai Djurity. Pronounced: Ah-Lee-share/khigh/Juh-rih-tea, Friends call her Liche Dj (Leash//Dee). A tomboy appearance and good girl attitude with a superb urban fashion sense all packed into a 17 yr old 5'4" body. Her life is anything but simple. Living in a judgemental world surrounded by controversy, she often finds herself in self inflicted, michieveious, situations. A young girl who just wants to see what else is outside the small city of Oldport Blues, VA; before she turns 18.

Still have some stff to write up and bascially she will be a young faced ME lol. Except she is a bit gangsterous. BTW Oldport Blues, is a play on "sounds" if you didnt notice...hmmm sounds like a place i know lol. Umn yea so thats basically it for now. Trying to get more comfortable drawing her in different positions so that its easier one production commences :)


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