Friday, March 20, 2009

here we go again

The weather is again at 45°. I dont like this uncertainty thing mother nature has going. I have come to the conclusion she is in menopause. The weather is worse than someone in PMS, so thats where i stand. Umn i woke up this morning a little uneasy. I dont know whats happening lately, like even with everyone i know. Something doesnt feel good. Like old people say "somethin' in the milk ain't clean" haha.
^while driving^

Other than my weird feelings about certain friends and life, things are well. I found out recently that Pratt will accept spring applications in October. What do ya say? should i go for that?!?! Well I am anyways. I feel like that's the one place i haven't been yet but its where i need to be...does that make sense? Yea im pretty excited about that. Umnn its spring. I keep saying that, dont i? I am just very excited. Out of all the seasons, spring is my favorite. My Birthday happens to fall in spring and its my favorite season when spoken in Spanish. :) primavera It just SOUNDS pretty lol OHHH also in spring i redo like my bathroom, my bed, the colors on my window curtains AND my clothes. I love it. Like in spring you can never wear what you wore last yr, its just not the same. Winter i think is different because you pull out those same hoodies and dark, ugly non pretty sweaters. I mean their nice, but i feel like in winter everyone looks the same...UNLESS they are super rich and shop in "Soho" Manhattan, NY. Then they look like 4 million dollars with their prada snowboots and cashmere sweaters. Since most of the people i know are not millionaires...Spring is the only season to show what you got! being bright and in style...i love when guys wear polos, pastel and khakis! ah LOVE IT. mmmmmm cant wait. Another +PLUS+ this year is that im on my "grown woman" i can spend my own money...without worries. So to Urban-O i go! haha that store is sooo BOSS.HEY YOU! didnt you hear? Spring is coming...hurry up! go shop your life away :D

Umn im actually going to get going and make the best of my day because its not very warm outside. Maybe ill go to the movies or something?

So after we went to eat we were walking back to the movies AND someone performed the craziest hit an run. A freakin 09 3series BMW was FCUKEd up.

OMGGG i would cry if i just got finish eating; came outside and my "Bee-Em" was like this. What the hell, they didnt even clean up the pieces of undercarriage that fell from the bumper...SMH


ps go see that movie The Last House on the Left, it was bomb.

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Dee said...

I'd cry too, such a wreck!