Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today was long as ever! On top of that i still had that project i needed to do with Richard. Apparently he is sick so he couldn't come to class, its ight we will catch up later. Umn so im so lame today!!! GAHHHHHHH please help me. I am so wack that i even forgot to take pictures. Thats a total "WTF MINA" moment. Like go ahead and say it because that is so awkward for me to NOT take pictures. i took ONE! and because of that im just going to just add some pictures of when i spoke with Avadidas the other day. I think she should get some blog luvvin :)

*video chatt initiated*
MinaLo: So like what are you about to do?
Avadidas: I need to curl my hair.
MinaLo: oh okay, umn why?
Avadidas: umn mina! because im gunna look so sexy today.
MinaLo: hahahaha okay wtf?
Avadidas: hahaha
MinaLo: So who you chillin with?
Avadidas: Umnn hold on ima call someone, Watch me mac.

MinaLo: omg what?
Avadidas: shhhhhhhhh! im about to mac, mina, watch a pro.
MinaLo: okay.
*no one answered the phone*
Avadidas: SHIT! haha okay umn nevermind.
MinaLo: So why are you curling your hair from the inside?
Avadidas: Ohhhhhhhh, i just taught you something!
MinaLo: hahahaa, NO! haha sike yea.

*other stuff was said but i stopped there :) btw her name is Ava-Marie not Avadidas. She works at Adidas and im the only one that can call her that*

...Mina Lo.