Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The weather is looking up

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY spring is coming AH the grass is getting greener and i feel amazing. It rained all week but it has paid off most definitely. Oh man, Oh man! i cant wait until my birthday. HAHA im like a little kid. I hope people come visit me. If no-one does i think i will be more annoyed than upset.

I went to get my mom today and then we went to the pharmacy and like the boy at the window was a total JERK. Where do they get these people from? HMMMM So i have been getting alot of feedback on my shirts. Not through blogger but just people writing to me BUT anyways :) ttys btw keep hitting it up:




Umi-San said...

I cant wait till your bday either!! :D its going to be a PAAARRRRTAE! specially because im going to be there, and not square, (whatever that even means), i think you had it figured out though, i dont have any edges=circle, extrovert, edges= square, introvert. I Cant be a lazy ass on your BDAY!!!! :D

Umi-San said...

by the way, your pictures better be on point next week, im looking forward!! :D