Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"i got a surprise for yall"

My sister left me a SURPRISE note hahahahaha Remember the soup from yesterday? Yea well i packaged it up in containers in case i would like to eat them later this week and my sister responded in the funniest way because when i opened the refrigerator this morning for my cereals milk, I LAUGHED SO HARD! A great way to start the morning. I guess it scared her to see all that stuff packaged almost taking over the entire top shelf. very hard to miss.

These words:
"Comparisons are easily done once you've had a taste of perfection [...] how do i get better once i have had the best?" -Katy Perry

...SO TRUE. I always think that i have been places and seen a lot of things that others don't have the opportunity to. I sometimes also think that my future husband will have a hard time living up to what my mother has provided for me. I feel like if my life got better i would just be the "luckiest bitch" in the world. Another thing is that i sometimes compare guys to my dad. He could have done better but i am thankful for the times he had with me. All the things that he has done bad i hold against people. Like if my dad use to say something a certain way or had a belief that i completely despise and a guy i know does it, i get so angry. My friends tell me i shouldn't compare everything someone else does to those situations but i refuse to settle. probably why i am single now? Am i right? that i should not settle? I just don't see how i will never compare something someone does to what my dad my dad has done EVEN though he wasn't the "perfection" side of things. So everything my dad didn't do, my mother tried 5 million times harder. I just don't understand how anyone can give me anything better than what my mom has. I guess i have to be patient and see. patients is virtue......blah blah blah! my virtue is starting to turn into bitterness LOL anyways...

*bumpin* Katy Perry - Thinking of you

..Mina Lo.

p.s. my surprise(title) is that i wrote a blog on something real lol i actually used this thing for my thoughts, whoa!

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Umi-San said...

DUDE!! lol did you make enough soup!? gee-willicars, its enough to feed a whole family for a week straight, HAHA, i love the face your sister drew, thats price less, love it!!