Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowiest snowy day ever!

WE HAD A BLIZZ ARD !!!!!! !!!!!!

The city of Richmond is 8 inches under...yay. ACTUALLYYYYYY NOT but yay that I don't have work or school. The roads are really bad. AND when i first woke up i took my dog outside...ill tell a story.

First Oro Lopez the golden retriever woke up to everything white and went on the balcony of his awesome penthouse to find there was cold white stuff.

He wanted to see more so he put on his cute little green hoodie.

He saw that the white stuff was very soft and great to pounce on.

...and again,


Now that he had fun its time to shake off and come back inside :)


...Mina Lo.

1 comment:

Umi-San said...

I LOVE THAT FIRST PICTURE OF ORO!!! haha, dude your dog is so adorable!! i love it, i love reading you blog, and i really check everyday to see if you have updated!! <3 you really inspire me!! :) keep it up too